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22 Februari 2016
Wargame Porgasi Sulut Episode 3
Wargame Porgasi Sulut Epsiode 3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9MZRBFOqls detail

31 Januari 2016
Wargame Porgasi Sulut Episode 2
Wargame Porgasi Sulut Episode 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fPDAdHUyEg detail

10 Januari 2016
Wargame Porgasi Sulut Episode 1
wargame Porgasi Sulut Episode 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INY9ZDOmyQY detail

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product arrow Walkera Voyager 3

Price Rp 31.000.000
Rp 29.900.000

This is the first turn key solution to use an 8S (29.6V) battery which provides 20-25 minutes of flight time. At the press of a button the 1080P 60FPS camera system will shoot astonishing HD video, and with its 3-Axis gimbal you'll get super stable video footage with real time video feeds on the Devo F12E transmitter.

The F12E transmitter also allows you to control the camera's pan and tilt angle via the transmitter which means you do not require a second person in order to get the best possible footage. 

With some exciting never before seen characteristics, including motorized landing skids and Gimbal, at the flick of a switch the landing skids and gimbal will retract and deploy, which means you can achieve full 360 degree unobstructed camera view which can be flown either by transmitter or your smartphone.

The Voyager 3 is designed to be easy to fly and includes some user friendly features including; automatic take-off and landing, waypoint programming and "point and go" function. You can also program a fully autonomous mission and simply watch the Voyager 3 fly by itself! Other features include its ability to circle around an object to capture a dramatic 360 degree view.  

In terms of safety, the dual navigation system is what sets the Voyager 3 apart from other turn key solutions. The ability to pick up both GPS, and GLONASS navigation signals ensures the GPS reliability of your system, so that your Voyager 3 will always know where it is and can return back home to you.

The Voyager 3 is the most innovative and sophisticated multirotor available today and is the perfect solution for both the novice and professional aerial photographer/videographer.

Voyager 3 Features:
• Waypoint function
• 1080P 60FPS HD Camera with 5.8Ghz video transmitter
• Walkera 3-axis gimbal
• Altitude hold mode
• Autorotation mode
• One key take off / landing / go home
• Fail-safe return to home
• Hyper IOC mode
• Retractable landing gear for obstruction free video footage
• The perfect turn key FPV solution
• Flight time up to 20~25 minutes
• Control all aspects of flight with the F12E 12CH FPV radio 
• Real time OSD flight parameter display
• Stabilized 6 axis flight controller

Voyager 3 Specs:
Main Rotor Dia: 382mm
Dimension: 473 x 463 x 300mm
Take Off Weight: 3750g
Range: 1 ~ 2km
FPV Range: 1km
Battery: 29.6V  Li-Po battery
FPV Channel: 5.8Ghz 12CH
Monitor: 5" LCD monitor, with CBVS port, 640 x 480P
Camera: Records 1080P 60FPS Video
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-42-002

DEVO F12E Transmitter Features:
• 12 channel, professional radio system
• 5" LCD screen 640 x 480P
• Control range around 1km @ 100mw power
• 5.8G video image receiver with 32 channels
• 4 stick modes
• Supports helicopter / airplane and multirotors
• 15 model memory
• Supports telemetry functions - GPS data, altitude, distance, voltage, temperature etc. 
• Auto ID binding & fixed ID

DEVO F12E Transmitter Specs:
Encoder: 12-channel micro computer system
Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
Output Power: ≤100mW
Current Drain: Without video ≤300mA (100mW), with video ≤430mA (100mW)
Power Supply: LiPoly 7.4V / 11.1V 1600~3000mAh 
Output Pulse: 1000~2000us (1500us neutral)
Radio Distance: ≥1km
5.8Ghz Video Distance: ≥2km 
Image Frequency: 32 points
Frequency Domain: 5645MHz~5945MHz

Package Includes:
1 x Voyager 3 GPS Drone
1 x Walkera DEVO F12E 2.4GHz LCD Digital Transmitter w/ 5 inch FPV Monitor
1 x Walkera 29.6V 6000mAh LiPoly Battery 
1 x Walkera 1080P 60FPS Camera (Micro SD Card sold separately)
1 x Walkera 3-Axis Gimbal
1 x Walkera Ground Control Station module
1 x E8 LiPo Battery Charger
1 x Power Supply for Charger 
1 x USB Cable
4  x Props 2 CW, 2 CCW
1 x Transportation / storage case 


Pin BB : 2B1F2403 / FIREANTS (RYO)
HP.08114331210 / 08152331210

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